A Change of Allegiance

In late 2015, Dean Taylor led an inspiring symposium on nonresistance that included three stirring messages from Taylor, as well as three informative Q&A sessions. In this series, Taylor takes the listener through the Scriptures, early church history, and his own personal experiences to demonstrate that true Christianity is incompatible with involvement in war, the military, and governmental politics.The entire set may be purchased at scrollpublishing.com in either DVD or CD. A book by the same communicator and with the same title is also available for purchase.

‘Till Death Do Us Part

This is an in depth study of the permanency of marriage. The author provides a substantial degree of information provided in Scriptures from Genesis through the New Testament.

We believe this book will be appreciated by those whose first loyalty is to the Word of God rather than the traditions and doctrines of men; and by those willing to weigh the evidence and rethink popular opinion.



Further Reading Regarding the Biblical Teaching of Divorce and Remarriage

Do Divorced and Remarried Persons Need to Separate? Allen Roth argues that full assurance of God’s forgiveness does not exist until an adulterous union is discontinued.